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Common Mistakes Beginner Investors Make While Investing in the Share Market

Share Market

When you embark on your journey to start something new, while knowing what to do, you should also be aware of what not to do. The share market investment journey is no exception. Millions of newcomers are entering the stock market, but only a few can multiply their wealth. One of the reasons behind their wealth multiplication is their understanding of the share market’s do’s and don’ts. One of the best ways to start your share market journey is by enrolling in the stock market institute in Chandigarh.

Investing is challenging, and returns are never guaranteed. Some professional tips and tricks allow you to reduce the risks to an extent by avoiding some mistakes. Here, you can navigate the mistakes that new investors can easily avoid while multiplying their wealth.  

Yes, joining the stock market is indeed an excellent decision that one can ever make, but a few committed mistakes can create huge financial losses. Therefore, be sure you play it smartly. 

Lack of patience

This is the biggest mistake that a beginner investor makes while investing. Only a slow and steady approach will yield greater returns in the long run. Expecting too much from your portfolio is a recipe for disaster. Keep your expectations realistic and be patient for portfolio growth and returns.

Don’t feel tempted by seeing an advertisement saying, “Do you want to multiply your money? Invest with us and generate huge returns”. Being a novice investor, the multiplication of money sparkles, but you should wait to make any investment decision. Before you venture into the investment, you should know what you are getting into. Take enough time, research well, take an expert’s advice, and then make an informed decision.

Start investing without training

Only start investing your money in the stock market after enrolling in the best stock market course in Chandigarh. This allows you to understand the stock market’s basics and lets you know about the latest trends and make informed and profitable decisions.

Not understanding the investment

One should only invest in companies whose business models one understands. However, if you invest in individual stocks, then understand each company thoroughly before investing. Spend enough time and conduct your own research to understand the company’s model before investing.

Investing by falling in love with any company

Very often, people play emotionally. It is easy to fall in love with a company that performs well if you have invested in it. However, this does not guarantee that the company will do well. Always remember your sole purpose is to make money; therefore, always remember the rules and fundamentals when investing, even if a company is doing well for a long time. 

Investing with a trader mindset

Always remember that you are a beginner, and there is a vast difference between a trader and an investor. The stock market is not an ideal place for you if you are looking for a platform to generate instant money. A trader’s mindset is different from that of an investor. A trader engages in ”buy and sell”, while an investor focuses on ”buy and invest”. Therefore, an investor must keep a long-term perspective. Newcomers usually think they should redeem their investments before losing their money, but this is a wrong assessment. One should invest their money for at least 8 to 10 years to get good returns. 

Buying or selling stocks based on recommendations 

We tend to turn to our folks for advice on essential life matters and finances. But when it comes to the stock market, there are better options than relying on someone’s advice and buying or selling stocks. Remember that, as a novice investor, your risk profile and financial objective will differ from that of the other person; therefore, what stocks have worked for the other person may not work for you. Conduct your due diligence and start investing in a company when you feel it is the right time to invest.


Yes, there are some apparent pitfalls that one should avoid when entering into the world of the stock market. Keep a long-term perspective, start investing only after enrolling in the best stock market training institute in Chandigarh named The Wise Bucks to gain basic stock market understanding and knowledge. The Wise Bucks stock market institute is the right platform to start your journey for financial freedom. Additionally, never invest in any company just because someone experienced has invested in it, conduct your due diligence, implement your learning from the stock market course, and then invest to reap rewards. The Wise Bucks is the best trading institute to enroll in a trading course.  


A stock or a share is essentially the same. In India, we call it shares while in the US, they refer to it as stocks.

One should never over-diversify a portfolio in any case. Experts suggest both over and under-diversification is not good for your portfolio. Having a balanced number of stocks is great for mitigating risks. Get enrolled in the stock market training institute in Chandigarh to gain knowledge to know how to build a great portfolio.

Yes, a beginner is allowed to trade in unlisted stocks. However, financial experts don’t advise it. This is because unlisted stocks do not work with the market regulating authority therefore it is not safe to invest in these stocks.

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